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Credit Options

Woodrow Wilson High School provides opportunities for students to earn additional credits. For more information about any of these opportunities, please stop by the counseling office.

Credit for Acceleration


Exam for Acceleration You have not formally taken the class, but want to take the exam for
credit. Usually done for those with world language ability. Register with your counselor. You must
get an 80+ to get credit. The district will test you for free.

Correspondence Courses

Order through Texas Tech ISD (TTUISD) at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/ttuisd/
Check with your counselor first to make sure you request the correct course. You have 6 months
To complete a semester course and can work at your own pace.

Dual Credit Enrollment

Through DCCCD (Dallas County Community College District)
Check on the DISD website to see what courses you can take or pick up a packet in Counseling.
You may take these courses after 10th grade and if you are 16.
You must be deemed "college ready" according to test scores.
You must start the application process with your counselor.
You must register through the dual credit coordinator at the college or it is only "college credit", you will end up paying for it and it will not go on your high school transcript.
If taken on the DCCCD campus, the district will pay for tuition and you pay for books.
You must officially "drop" the class if you decide not to complete it by the due date or you will end up with a failing grade on your DCCCD transcript.

Credit for Remediation

Reconnection Credit Recovery

Reconnection Credit Recovery

Summer School

This is for remediation only, not to get ahead. You may only take classes you've failed.
Enroll with your counselor

Night School

It's offered Fall and Spring. For our area, the location is Skyline.
Enroll with your counselor. You must be 16. Class choices are limited.  See the Night School Flyer.

CBE (Credit by Exam)

You failed the course but think you have the knowledge to pass the exam with 70+ to get credit for the class. You must buy the exam through Texas Tech (google Texas Tech k-12 k-12 online).
Check with your counselor first. You must pay for the exam.