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New To Woodrow


Welcome to WOODROW Wilson High School.  

logo_square.jpgGo Wildcats!

In the following paragraphs, we hope to provide you with information to feel part of the Woodrow family. 

We know that you and your family have many questions as you prepare for this exciting new experience.  We will try to touch on as many as we can; please feel free to contact the counsellers office with any additional questions. We are here to help, and we look forward to seeing you !

Choose Woodrow

Woodrow Wilson High School is a comprehensive open enrollment high school. Incoming Woodrow Wilson 9th grade students can choose from one of four academies while benefiting from the activities and programs offered within a comprehensive high school setting.  Students within each academy will gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to be successful in the post-secondary education and in the world of work.

Students in the Woodrow attendance zone are guaranteed enrollment in an academy. All students must apply using the appropriate Woodrow Academy Application available online (see Academics) and available in the Woodrow Main Office.

All students outside the Woodrow attendance zone must apply with the appropriate Woodrow Academy Application (see Academics) and the Academy/Pathway Application (available in the Woodrow Main Office) based on space availability. For these students, applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis for each academy.

For information on the courses available in each academy, see their individual web pages. Additionally, you can download the Academy Comparisons Overview PDF for a side-by-side view of each acedemy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learning about Woodrow 
> Woodrow's name 

We are fondly known as “Woodrow”, never “Wilson”. We are on a first-name basis with our school and it’s been so since we opened in 1928.

Woodrow is named after the 28th President of the United States.

> Famous Alumns 

We have tons of famous alums that proof going to Woodrow can get you places.

  • Two Heisman trophy winners, one of which is now a NFL Hall of Famer (Tim Brown).
  • A winner of two U.S. Opens and a Masters, the late golfer Ralph Guldahl;
  • 14-time Emmy winner Bob Goodrich, who produced Monday Night Football and Super Bowls for years; Bob is also a member of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, where Woodrow has the most members of any high school;  
  • Carroll Shelby, automotive genius, developer and race car driver; 
  • Pat Evans, retired team doctor for the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks;
  • Four graduates in the 2014 NCAA Basketball Tournament;
  • Sam Blair, retired sports editor of The Dallas Morning News;
  • Several pro football players and one was on a winning Super Bowl team, Curley Johnson, who played for the NY Jets.
  • An Olympic Gold Medalist, Roland Wolfe 1932;
  • National Rowing Champion 2014 Robert Bolt;
  • Four U.S. Congressmen,
  • Three Pulitzer Prizes,
  • A Texas Attorney General;
  • A Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice;
  • A U.S. Postmaster General;
  • Two Dallas Mayors;
  • Dusty Hill of ZZ Top;
  • Steve Miller;
  • Titans of business, including several CEOs;
  • The former World’s Largest Landlord, the late Trammell Crow;
  • State Fair Fry King Abel Gonzales;
  • Skip Fletcher of Fletcher’s Corny Dogs;
  • Mariano Martinez, inventor of the frozen margarita;

and many more!

> Shadowing Program or Can my child experience Woodrow to see if it is a fit? 

Shadowing Program

What is shadowing at Woodrow Wilson High School?

Shadowing is the opportunity for eighth grade students and transfer students to spend one-half day at Woodrow Wilson and experience firsthand what it’s like to be a member of the Woodrow family. Students that shadow are paired with a Woodrow student who is in one of our academies or in the Student Council.

What is a shadowing day like?

Students shadowing should arrive at Woodrow by 8:45 am and report to the Counselor’s Office (Room 1011). There the students will be paired with their Woodrow host until 11:40.am, at this time students may be picked up in the Counselor’s Office.

How many academies can I shadow?

In order to provide all interested students the opportunity to shadow, you may only choose one academy.  For more information on all academies we will be hosting Welcome to Woodrow, which will be on November 16, 2017 at 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

How many students can shadow on a single day?

No more than 5 students will be scheduled to shadow on a single day.

How far in advance should I schedule a shadowing visit?

Please allow Woodrow three school days to schedule a visit.

What is the dress code for shadowing?

Students shadowing at Woodrow are asked to dress nicely (NO JEANS). While the shadowing students are not required to wear their current school uniform they are asked to dress appropriately in keeping with the Woodrow dress code: white, red, gray or black polo shirt; khaki or black Khaki pants; closed toe shoes. 

Can I shadow with a Woodrow student that I know?

It is not best practice to allow students to shadow with someone they know.  The shadowing student will be paired with a Woodrow student council member or with someone in the academy of interest.  

How do I schedule a shadowing visit?

To schedule a visit through Ms. Valles please sign up at the following link www.SignUpGenius.com/go/60B0D4FA9A92CA7FB6-shadowing

> Is there an introduction? 

Yes, Woodrow organizes a Freshman Camp for incoming freshman.  Please check the Freshman Class page for more info.

> Does my Child need to Register for Woodrow? 

Yes, registration for Woodrow is required.  Registration is done in person at Woodrow Wilson High School, but can also be done online.

Who to Contact

Please contact one of the Registrars:

For last names between 'A' and 'L', please contact Daisy Faz, 972-502.4445
For last names between 'M' and 'Z', please contact Maria Alonzo, 972-502-4413

> Where can I get Woodrow Apparel? 

You can get Woodrow Apparel from the PTA's Spiritwear page directly, from the Athletics Booster Club during sport events, from the Band Booster Club, or buy it at Walgreens (Matilda/Mockingbird).  Feel free to ask the staff if they have more in the back.

For School uniforms, please see the Dress Code.

> Does a Student have to buy books? 

No, books are provided by Woodrow, but usually have to remain at school.  Feel free to purchase any books for in home use.

Getting Ready for School 
> Is there Summer Homework? 

Likely the student will have some summer homework to prepare for the first week of school.

Summer homework is posted in the Top News section as soon as it is published.  It can also be found in the Student Life section (when available).

> Is there a Dress Code? 

Yes, Woodrow has a dress code.  The details can be found in the Dress Code section of Student Life.

> What supplies should my child have? 

Backpacks are allowed. Please have a pen, paper and a binder for the first week until supply lists are assigned.

Here's a rule of thumb to get a Student started:

  • Freshman Binder (2" with dividers)
  • College Ruled Filler Paper
  • Blue/Black Pens
  • Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Expo Marker
  • 3X5 Notecards (4 packs)
  • Pencil Pouch
  • Markers
  • Colored Pencils
  • Red Folder
First Day 
> Do I or Students need a DISD ID Card? 

All DISD schools require students and staff to wear their ID Cards visibly.  Returning students will be issues a new ID card automatically, new students will be called into the office to have their photo taken.

Visitors will have to check in with a valid ID card (e.g. a drivers license) and are provided a temporary visitor's badge.


> Where do I enter the school? 

Students please use the front entrance unless you are tardy. If you are tardy please enter through the side doors nearest to the Senior parking at the back of the school.
Visitors use the front entrance.  For more information see the Visitors Information section.

> Where do I Park or Drop a Student Off? 

Students may park on Glasgow, Reiger or on surrounding streets. Senior students may purchase a parking space in the Senior parking lot. Visitors and students are not allowed to park in the teacher parking lots as the spaces are all assigned.  For more information, see the Visitor's Information.

Drive through, drop off, and pickup is prohibited in Woodrow Wilson parking lots
due to the safety of our students and faculty.

Due to an increased population on our campus, parking lots have been designated to Faculty (between Glasgow and Slaughter) and Seniors (north of Slaughter) only. All campus parking spaces have been assigned and tagged to individual faculty and seniors. These lots are not to be used for visitor or student parking. 

Visitors may park in the marked spaces along Glasgow and Wildcat Way. Students may park on Glasgow, Reiger or on surrounding streets. 

Students can enter the school from the main entrance (on Glasgow), or the 'senior' entrance. The side-entrance closest to the faculty & staff parking is a Facutly & Staff only entrance. 
NOTE: During construction only the front entrace may be used.


Drop off can be done using the 'horse shoe'.


> How does a Student know where to go on the first day of school? 

Prior to the start of school, a postcard is sent out informing students where to go.
Alternatively, this information will also be posted in the hallways.

If a student can't find where to go, they should go to the auditorium. 

> Is there a Map of the Building? 

To view a map of Woodrow, please check out the Visitors Information section.

> Should Students bring Lunch? 

Students may bring lunch or food is provided in the Cafeteria.

> Can Students bring Cell Phones? 

Mobile communication is very important nowadays.  We do not discourage students from having cell phones that they can use before or after school.  See our Cell Phone policy.

During the year 
> How do I Tracking my child's Grades? 

Parents and students can use Parent Portal to track grades and absences. Please contact the main office  to set up a Parent Portal account per student.
Parent Portal allows parents to set notification alerts when grades drop below, or rise above custom thresholds. 

> How do the Parent Teacher conferences work? 

During the Parent Teacher Conference, teachers will remain at school to answer any question you have.  You can't sign up or reserve a time slot; teachers will see parents (and students) on a first come, first serve basis.
Please keep the conference limited to 10minutes per teacher as other parents/students will want to talk to the teachers too. Should you need more time, individual appointments with the teachers can be made for another day/time.

> How do I contact Teachers or Staff? 

To contact teachers, counselors, staff or the Principal, please call the main office at 972-502-4400 and they will guide you on the best way to reach the person you need to speak with.

> A student is running late, where does he/she go? 

Late Students should enter the building through the side entrance near the senior parking lot.
If the student received an excuse, e.g. a doctor's note, it should be turned in.

> What should a Student do when they are have been absent? 

A written absence excuse must be submitted to the attendance office for every class or day that is missed.

> How do I volunteer? 

Volunteering is essential for Woodrow to get the things that need to be done, done.  Think about building stages for the famous Musical.

If you want to volunteer at Woodrow, you first have to register at DISD.  All instructions are on our Community Volunteer page.  In addition, if you're a PTA Member, please see our PTA Volunteer section.

> How do I keep in touch with what is going on at the school? 

There are three email lists you should register for.

1. Class Emails.
This keeps you up-to-date on anything specific to your child's class.

2. Wildcat eNews.
This keeps you up-to-date on anything Woodrow that is not class specific.

3. Athletics News.
This keeps you up-to-date on anything related to our sports teams. 


And ofcourse this very website where we keep you informed of all the news.



















Welcome to Woodrow Open House

Each fall, we hold a Welcome to Woodrow open house, usually in late fall. The introduction to Woodrow Wilson High School includes a brief overview of the academies, club representatives, detailed academy information, tours of the school and refreshments.

All current 8th graders and their families are encouraged to attend any Woodrow Open House.

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