Woodrow Wilson Home Woodrow Wilson High School

100 S. Glasgow

Dallas, TX 75214

(972) 502-4400

Woodrow Wilson High School PTA – 2014/2015 Board 

President  Stacey Stabenow woodrowptapres@gmail.com 214-455-4017
Vice President  Maria Hasbany mhasbany@yahoo.com 214-232-2123
Recording Secretary Marcie Bell marcie.bell@sbcglobal.net 214-542-3649
Corresponding Secretary Mary Garcia marygarcia@sharonyounginc.com 214-282-1061
Treasurer Marla Spellman marla.spellman@tenethealth.com 214-213-4312
Parliamentarian (appointed by new President) Susan Schuerger schuerger7@me.com 214-226-7866
Department Director & Membership Chair Dessa Watson-Ferris  cdessa@sbcglobal.net 214-384-8845
Membership Committee Beverly Olds bolds@kormanmarketing.com 214-827-6993
Directory Committee Dessa Watson-Ferris cdessa@sbcglobal.net 214-384-8845
  Marla Spellman marla.spellman@tenethealth.com 214-213-4312
Life Membership Committee Chair Michele Matney Michele.matney@sbcglobal.net 214-824-6424
  Jane Ellen Shilling jeshilling@yahoo.com 214-563-6877
Department Director & Program Services Chair Karen Wood karen.wood165@gmail.com 214-477-5916
Program Committee Dominga Mendez mendezdominga@yahoo.com  
Social Committee Chair Frances Reese fts1112@yahoo.com  
Social Committee Rosalyn Costanza rkpr@outlook.com 214-223-5464
Courtesy/Sunshine Chair Consuelo Hammond mikeandconseulo@sbcglobal.net 214-641-3734
Beautification Committee Chair (Facilities) Marcella Atkinson marceatkinson@yahoo.com 972-971-4091
Beautification Committee Victor Aves vaves@pegasusrealtyinc.com 214-616-0194
Beautification Committee Troy Harper troyharpertx@gmail.com 214-577-5760
Beautification Committee Randall Halford rdhalford@sbcglobal.net  
Homecoming Committee Melissa Geiser melgeiser@gmail.com 214-293-6911
Homecoming Committee Christi McCarty mccartycristy@sbcglobl.net 214 236-6810 
Homecoming Committee Susan Ward skanward@yahoo.com 214-356-3498
Homecoming Committee Frances Reese fts1112@yhaoo.com  
Homecoming Committee Mitzi Patin mpatin@cardinalcapital.com 214-213-9022
Homecoming Committee      
Learning Matters Program Chair Susan Schuerger schuerger7@me.com 214-226-7866
Learning Matters Committee Maria Hasbany mhasbany@yahoo.com 214-232-2123
Learning Matters Committee      
Department Director & Student Aid and Social Activities Chair      
Student Aid - Uniforms Donna Coker donnacoker@yahoo.com 214-327-3222
Student Aid - Uniforms School Liaison Minerva Flores (staff) mflores@dallasisd.org 972-502-4403
Safety & Youth Protection  Justin Milici traumanurse66@yahoo.com 214-320-1167
Character, Spiritual Ed. & Citizenship (Cultural Diversity) Victor Aves vaves@pegasusrealtyinc.com 214-616-0194
  Dominga Mendez mendezdominga@yahoo.com  
Legislation  Martha Norton marthabnorton@att.net 214-324-0847
Department Director & Parent Education and Publications Chair      
Also serves on Scholarship Committee Mindy Fagin mrfagin@airmail.net 214-766-7656
Scholarship Committee (see bylaws) Erin Burnham burnhamhome@gmail.com 214-824-2933
Scholarship Committee - WWCF Liaison      
New Student Outreach Chair (Welcome to Woodrow) Betsy Pucciarelli  bpucc@sbcglobal.net 214-597-3650
New Student Outreach  Lori Walker llwalk@sbcglobal.net 214-460-7280
New Student Outreach  Jasmin Medin jasmedin@gmail.com 310-871-7523
New Student Outreach Susan Schweizer skschweizer@sbcglobal.net 214-727-8306
New Student Outreach       
College Prep Coordinater Betty Rosenthal bbrosekids@aol.com 214-328-2080
College Prep Coordinater Coordinator      
Cultural Arts (Arts programs outreach)      
Education Relations (DISD Liaison)      
Parent Liaison      
Summer Packets  Melissa Geiser melgeiser@gmail.com 214-293-6911
Translation Services  Victor Aves vaves@pegasusrealtyinc.com 214-616-0194
Senior Activities 
Senior Class of 2015 Committee Chair Becky Pederson pdfamily@swbell.net 214-821-1873
Junior Class Activities Committee  Darlene Halford dhalford@republicenergy.com 214-212-4677
Junior Class Activities Committee  Mary Carroll mcarroll33@yahoo.com 214-616-3718
Junior Class Activities Committee - Treasurer Sheryl Nelon  nelonfam@sbcglobal.net 214-770-0484
Junior Class Activities Committee Lucie Pound lpound@yahoo.com 214-929-3795
Junior Bilingual Liaison Doris Kimbrell kimbrell88@aol.com 214-821-0114
Communications - Senior Class 2015 Sara Maxcy maxcy@swbell.net 214-826-1989
Junior Class of 2016 Committee Chair Michele Matney Michele.matney@sbcglobal.net 214-824-6424
Sophomore Class Activities Committee  Cecilia Phillips cecilialtd@gmail.com 214-982-8905
Sophomore Class Activities Committee Sutton Norris sutton.norris@mac.com 214-826-9708
Sophomore Class Activities Committee Donna Coker donnacoker@yahoo.com 214-327-3222
Sophomore Class Activities Committee Randy Duke rndlldk@msn.com 214-282-6370
Sophomore Bilingual Liaison Andrea Devaldenebro adevaldenebro@nashersculpturecenter.org 214-714-4160
Communications - Junior Class 2016 Chris Weber bcweber@sbcglobal.net 214-828-1662
SophomoreClass of 2017 Committee Chair  Kathy Arnold arnoldsd0262@sbcglobal.net 214-549-5258
Freshman Class Activities Committee  (Communications) Susan Harris susan.harris64@sbcglobal.net 214-649-8897
Freshman Class Activities Committee  Martha Norton marthabnorton@att.net 214-324-0847
Freshman Class Activities Committee Lori Walker llwalk@sbcglobal.net 214-460-7280
Freshman Class Activities Committee Karen Wood karen.wood165@gmail.com 214-477-5916
Freshman Bilingual Liaison Yolanda Molina yoliemolina@yahoo.com  214-823-1510
Freshman Class of 2018 Committee Chair  Kelly Newman newmank@swbell.net 469-556-6847
Freshman Class Activities Committee (Treasurer)      
Freshman Class Activities Committee (Communications) Shelby Salmon Gibbs woodrow2018@gmail.com 214-263-6352
Freshman Class Activities Committee Helene Honeybone helenehoneybone@me.com 214-293-8370
Freshman Class Activities Committee Mary Carroll mcarroll33@yahoo.com  
Freshman Class Activities Committee Carrie Furman ctfurman@gmail.com 214-632-2226
Freshman Bilingual Liaison Ruth Ramirez famramirez5@sbcglobal.net 214-797-6110
Department Director & Budget and Finance Chair  Vicky Collins vickycollinscpa@me.com 469-556-1073
Fund Raising Committee Chair (Ways & Means) Amy Kuhlmann akuhlmann@chfirm.com 214 263-2779
Fund Raising Committee Susan Overman s_overman@sbcglobal.net 214-208-6076
Fund Raising Committee Michele Matney michele.matney@sbcglobal.net 214-824-6424
Fund Raising Committee Maria Hasbany mhasbany@yahoo.com 214-232-2123
Fundraising Committee (Mumms) Sylvia Carlson ddwcmd@aol.com 214-475-3539
Fundraising Committee (Mumms) Kippy Clapp kippyClapp@sbcglobal.net 214-704-1495
Fundraising Committee (Mumms) Laura Tepera lauratepera@aol.com  
Wish List Chair (Surveys & Projects) Laurie Murray murrgang@me.com 214-356-2273
Wish List Committee Kelly Newman newmank@swbell.net 214-824-7802
Wish List Committee Donna Coker donnacoker@yahoo.com 214-327-3222
Wish List Committee Jennifer Blumenstock jennifer_blumenstock@yahoo.com 214-563-9283
Department Director & Webmaster (Newsletter) Chair Kathy Arnold arnoldsd0262@sbcglobal.net 214-549-5258
Website Committee Jocelyn Draaisma woodrowpta@gmail.com 214-821-3022
Website Committee Richard Draaisma woodrowpta@gmail.com 214-821-3022
Newsletter Kelly Newman newmank@swbell.net 214-824-7802
Bulk Mail Chair (Same as Corresponding Secretary)      
Public Relations Committee Chair Kyle Rains krains@demac.com 214-213-5125
Public Relations Committee (School Messenger) Mary Preussel mpreussel@att.net 214 663 3344
Photography John Scherger jscherger@sbcglobal.net 214-336-4467
Photography - student Liaison Mr. Kellerman    
Photography - Historical Archives Randy Patterson   469-556-6847
Social Media Beth Basile labos@sbcglobal.net 469-867-1431
Communciations Chair Mary Garcia mary-garcia@tx.rr.com 214-282-1061
Communications - Senior Class of 2015 Sara Maxcy maxcy@swbell.net 214-826-1989
Communications - Junior Class of 2016 Chris Weber bcweber@sbcglobal.net 214-828-1662
Communications - Sophomore Class of 2017 Susan Harris susan.harris64@sbcglobal.net 214-649-8897
Communications - Freshman Class of 2018 Shelby Salmon shelby1963@att.net 214-263-6352
Deparment Director & Volunteer Recruiting Chair      
Volunteer Committee (Home Tour) Teresa Worm  tzworm@sbcglobal.net 214-660-3234
Volunteer Committee      
Teacher Appreciation Chair Laura Graham grahaml@smu.edu 214-505-3875
Teacher Appreciation Committee Kathy Watson kathytwatson@yahoo.com 214-235-3471
Teacher Appreciation Committee Amy Fennegan fennegan@sbcglobal.net 214-505-7312
Teacher Appreciation Committee Aliisa Dubose dubose.a@sbcglobal.net 214-926-0070
Alumni Monica Shaw travelinfo@hartmanntravel.com 214-926-7329
Alumni Bradley Sue Howell bshowell@ont.com 214-821-5871
Alumni Kyle Rains krains@demac.com 214-213-5125
Academy liaison for IB Lisa O'Connor lisaoconnor1@att.net  214-394-4517
 Academy liaison STEM Ruth Ramirez famramirez5@sbcglobal.net 214-797-6110
Academy liaison CAPA Stephanie Aves saves66@yahoo.com 214-886-7611
Academy liaison BEF      
Band Boosters Victor Aves & Beth Bastile  vaves@pegasusrealtyinc.com   
Orchestra Boosters      
Sports Boosters      
Cheer Boosters      
Yearbook  Mrs. Right
Executive Director Tracie Fraley    
Trustee Mike Morath    
J L Long PTA President Wendy Patton    
J.L.Long SBDM Chair Maria Hasbany    
Mt. Auburn      
Lakewood Shannon West    
WWCF Liaison Maria Hasbany  mhasbany@yahoo.com  214-232-2123
WWCC Liaison Susan Schuerger