Woodrow Wilson Home Woodrow Wilson High School

100 S. Glasgow

Dallas, TX 75214

(972) 502-4400

Woodrow Wilson High School PTA – 2014/2015 Board 

President  Stacey Stabenow president@woodrowwildcats.org 214-328-0023
Vice President  Maria Hasbany mhasbany@yahoo.com 214-232-2123
Recording Secretary Marcie Bell marcie.bell@sbcglobal.net 214-542-3649
Corresponding Secretary Mary Garcia mary-garcia@tx.rr.com 214-282-1061
Treasurer Marla Spellman marla.spellman@tenethealth.com 214-213-4312
Parliamentarian (appointed by new President) Susan Schuerger schuerger7@me.com 214-226-7866
Department Director & Membership Chair Dessa Watson-Ferris  cdessa@sbcglobal.net 214-384-8845
Membership Committee Beverly Olds bolds@kormanmarketing.com 214-827-6993
Directory Committee Dessa Watson-Ferris cdessa@sbcglobal.net 214-384-8845
  Marla Spellman marla.spellman@tenethealth.com 214-213-4312
Life Membership Committee Chair Michele Matney Michele.matney@sbcglobal.net 214-824-6424
  Jane Ellen Shilling jeshilling@yahoo.com 214-563-6877
Department Director & Program Services Chair Karen Wood karen.wood165@gmail.com 214-477-5916
Program Committee Dominga Mendez mendezdominga@yahoo.com  
Social Committee Chair Frances Reese fts1112@yahoo.com  
Social Committee Rosalyn Costanza rosalyncostanzo@hotmail.com 214-223-5464
Courtesy/Sunshine Chair Consuelo Hammond mikeandconseulo@sbcglobal.net 214-641-3734
Beautification Committee Chair (Facilities) Marcella Atkinson marceatkinson@yahoo.com 972-971-4091
Beautification Committee Victor Aves vaves@pegasusrealtyinc.com 214-616-0194
Beautification Committee Troy Harper troyharpertx@gmail.com 214-577-5760
Beautification Committee Randall Halford rdhalford@sbcglobal.net  
Homecoming Committee Chair Melissa Geiser melgeiser@gmail.com 214-293-6911
Homecoming Committee Christi McCarty mccartycristy@sbcglobal.net 214 236-6810 
Homecoming Committee Susan Ward skanward@yahoo.com 214-356-3498
Homecoming Committee Frances Reese fts1112@yahoo.com  
Homecoming Committee Mitzi Patin mpatin@cardinalcapital.com 214-213-9022
Homecoming Committee (Solicitations for Parade) Maria Hasbany mhasbany@yahoo.com 214-232-2123
Learning Matters Program Chair Susan Schuerger schuerger7@me.com 214-226-7866
Learning Matters Committee Maria Hasbany mhasbany@yahoo.com 214-232-2123
Department Director & Student Aid and Social Activities Chair      
Student Aid - Uniforms Donna Coker donnacoker@yahoo.com 214-327-3222
Student Aid - Uniforms School Liaison Minerva Flores (staff) mflores@dallasisd.org 972-502-4403
Safety & Youth Protection  Justin Milici traumanurse66@yahoo.com 214-320-1167
Character, Spiritual Ed. & Citizenship (Cultural Diversity) Victor Aves vaves@pegasusrealtyinc.com 214-616-0194
  Dominga Mendez mendezdominga@yahoo.com  
Legislation  Martha Norton marthabnorton@att.net 214-324-0847
Department Director & Parent Education and Publications Chair      
Scholarship Committee Mindy Fagin mrfagin@airmail.net 214-766-7656
Scholarship Committee  Erin Burnham burnhamhome@gmail.com 214-824-2933
New Student Outreach Chair (Welcome to Woodrow) Betsy Pucciarelli  bpucc@sbcglobal.net 214-597-3650
New Student Outreach  Lori Walker llwalk@sbcglobal.net 214-460-7280
New Student Outreach  Jasmin Medin jasmedin@gmail.com 310-871-7523
New Student Outreach Susan Schweizer skschweizer@sbcglobal.net 214-727-8306
Alumni Committee      
College Prep Coordinater Betty Rosenthal bbrosekids@aol.com 214-328-2080
College Prep Coordinater Coordinator      
Cultural Arts (Arts programs outreach)      
Education Relations (DISD Liaison)      
Parent Liaison      
Summer Packets  Melissa Geiser melgeiser@gmail.com 214-293-6911
Translation Services  Victor Aves vaves@pegasusrealtyinc.com 214-616-0194
Senior Activities 
Senior Class of 2015 Committee Chair Becky Pederson pdfamily@swbell.net 214-821-1873
Senior Class Activities Committee  Darlene Halford dhalford@republicenergy.com 214-212-4677
Senior Class Activities Committee  Mary Carroll mcarroll33@yahoo.com 214-616-3718
Senior Class Activities Committee - Treasurer Sheryl Nelon  nelonfam@sbcglobal.net 214-770-0484
Senior Class Activities Committee Lucie Pound lpound@yahoo.com 214-929-3795
Senior Bilingual Liaison Doris Kimbrell kimbrell88@aol.com 214-821-0114
Communications - Senior Class 2015 Sara Maxcy maxcy@swbell.net 214-826-1989
Junior Class Activities Committee Co Chair Cecilia Phillips cecilialtd@gmail.com 214-982-8905
Junior Class Activities Committee Sutton Norris sutton.norris@mac.com 214-826-9708
Junior Class Activities Committee Co Chair Donna Coker donnacoker@yahoo.com 214-327-3222
Junior Class Activities Committee Randy Duke rndlldk@msn.com 214-282-6370
Junior Bilingual Liaison Andrea Devaldenebro adevaldenebro@nashersculpturecenter.org 214-714-4160
Communications - Junior Class 2016 Chris Weber bcweber@sbcglobal.net 214-828-1662
Sophomore Class of 2017 Committee Chair  Kathy Arnold arnoldsd0262@sbcglobal.net 214-549-5258
Sophomore Class Activities Committee  (Communications) Susan Harris susan.harris64@sbcglobal.net 214-649-8897
Sophomore Class Activities Committee Lori Walker llwalk@sbcglobal.net 214-460-7280
Sophomore Class Activities Committee Karen Wood karen.wood165@gmail.com 214-477-5916
Sophomore  Bilingual Liaison Yolanda Molina yoliemolina@yahoo.com  214-823-1510
Freshman Class of 2018 Committee Chair  Kelly Newman newmank@swbell.net 214-395-8686
Freshman Class Activities Committee (Communications) Shelby Salmon Gibbs woodrow2018@gmail.com 214-263-6352
Freshman Class Activities Committee Helene Honeybone helenehoneybone@me.com 214-293-8370
Freshman Class Activities Committee Carrie Furman ctfurman@gmail.com 214-632-2226
Freshman Bilingual Liaison Ruth Ramirez famramirez5@sbcglobal.net 214-797-6110
Department Director & Budget and Finance Chair       
Fund Raising Committee Chair (Ways & Means) Amy Kuhlmann akuhlmann@chfirm.com 214 263-2779
Fund Raising Committee Susan Overman s_overman@sbcglobal.net 214-208-6076
Fund Raising Committee Maria Hasbany mhasbany@yahoo.com 214-232-2123
Fundraising Committee (Mumms) Sylvia Carlson ddwcmd@aol.com 214-475-3539
Fundraising Committee (Mumms) Kippy Clapp kippyClapp@sbcglobal.net 214-704-1495
Wish List Chair (Surveys & Projects) Laurie Murray murrgang@me.com 214-356-2273
Wish List Committee Kelly Newman newmank@swbell.net 214-395-8686
Wish List Committee Donna Coker donnacoker@yahoo.com 214-327-3222
Wish List Committee Jennifer Blumenstock jennifer_blumenstock@yahoo.com 214-563-9283
Department Director & Webmaster (Newsletter) Chair Kathy Arnold arnoldsd0262@sbcglobal.net 214-549-5258
Website Committee Jocelyn Draaisma woodrowpta@gmail.com 214-821-3022
Website Committee Richard Draaisma woodrowpta@gmail.com 214-821-3022
Newsletter Kelly Newman newmank@swbell.net 214-824-7802
Bulk Mail Chair (Same as Corresponding Secretary)      
Public Relations Committee Chair Kyle Rains krains@demac.com 214-213-5125
Public Relations Committee (School Messenger) Mary Preussel mary.preussel@workbook.com 214 663 3344
Photography John Scherger jscherger@sbcglobal.net 214-336-4467
Photography - student Liaison Mr. Kellerman    
Photography - Historical Archives Randy Patterson   469-718-4636
Social Media Beth Basile labos@sbcglobal.net 469-867-1431
Communciations Chair Mary Garcia mary-garcia@tx.rr.com 214-282-1061
Communications - Senior Class of 2015 Sara Maxcy maxcy@swbell.net 214-826-1989
Communications - Junior Class of 2016 Chris Weber bcweber@sbcglobal.net 214-828-1662
Communications - Sophomore Class of 2017 Susan Harris susan.harris64@sbcglobal.net 214-649-8897
Communications - Freshman Class of 2018 Shelby Salmon Gibbs shelby1963@att.net 214-263-6352
Deparment Director & Volunteer Recruiting Chair      
Volunteer Committee (Home Tour) Teresa Worm  tzworm@sbcglobal.net 214-660-3234
Volunteer Committee      
Teacher Appreciation Chair Laura Graham grahaml@smu.edu 214-505-3875
Teacher Appreciation Committee Kathy Watson kathytwatson@yahoo.com 214-235-3471
Teacher Appreciation Committee Amy Fennegan fennegan@sbcglobal.net 214-505-7312
Teacher Appreciation Committee Aliisa Dubose dubose.a@sbcglobal.net 214-926-0070
Alumni Monica Shaw travelinfo@hartmanntravel.com 214-926-7329
Alumni Bradley Sue Howell bshowell@ont.com 214-821-5871
Alumni Kyle Rains krains@demac.com 214-213-5125
Academy liaison for IB Lisa O'Connor lisaoconnor1@att.net  214-394-4517
 Academy liaison STEM Ruth Ramirez famramirez5@sbcglobal.net 214-797-6110
Academy liaison CAPA Stephanie Aves saves66@yahoo.com 214-886-7611
Academy liaison BEF      
Band Boosters Victor Aves & Beth Bastile  vaves@pegasusrealtyinc.com   
Orchestra Boosters      
Sports Boosters Emily Whitzel    
Cheer Boosters Aaronia Ferguson     
Yearbook  Mr. Kellerman    
Executive Director Tracie Fraley    
Trustee Mike Morath    
J L Long PTA President Wendy Patton    
J.L.Long SBDM Chair Maria Hasbany    
Mt. Auburn Principal Martinez    
Mata Art Davilla    
Lipscomb Nelly Ortiz     
Lee Sofia Hurley    
Lakewood Shannon West    
Stonewall Sara Hundley    
WWCF Liaison Maria Hasbany  mhasbany@yahoo.com  214-232-2123
WWCC Liaison Susan Schuerger