One of the main reasons I ran for SBDM Chair was to focus more efforts on our faculty and staff.  I was a teacher myself, so I know firsthand why retention is important:  it takes a good two years to know what you are doing.  

We have so much talented faculty and staff at Woodrow, some of whom have taught for over 15 years.  Their experience is crucial to the success our school.  The latest Climate Survey indicates we need to work harder or smarter to create a environment that supports buiding a career here, and that is going to happen.  

SBDM's newly created Faculty and Staff Satisfaction SubCommittee will be chaired by the amazing and prescient David Nibert.  Mr. Nibert is already working, uses words like prescient and has a committee started.  We can look forward to guidance from Mr. Nibert and his committee members at SBDM Meetings.

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