Site Based Decision Making Committee (SBDM)

SBDM Chairperson: Robert Blumenstock
Vice Chairperson: Becky Daniel 

SBDM Function

In Texas, the focus of all district and campus planning and decision making is to improve the performance of all students. The ultimate purpose of all planning and decision making in schools is to attain the state's educational goals of equity and excellence in achievement for all students.

The function of the SBDM Committee is to support and advise the principal in establishing the campus goals and plan for improvement. The SBDM committee serves as an advisory body.

Site-Based Decision Making is:

A process for decentralizing decisions to improve the educational outcomes at every school campus through a collaborative effort by which principals, teachers, campus staff, district staff, parents, and community representatives assess educational outcomes of all students, determine goals and strategies, and ensure that strategies are implemented and adjusted to improve student achievement.

What do I have to do if I join SBDM?

Commit to attend ONE meeting per month (see list dates and times listed below) from 6:00 – 7:00 PM in the school library.

Do I need any special qualifications to join SBDM?

The only qualification needed is an interest in being a part of improving the quality of education at Woodrow Wilson High School.

Are there dues or fees involved to join SBDM?

There are no fees or dues involved to join and we are not a fund raising committee.  The purpose of SBDM support the school in administrative and budgetary decisions only.

Is there an application process and when can I join SBDM?

You may contact either of Chair or Co-chair listed for more information on joining or simply stop by one of the monthly meetings.  There is no application or approval process to be on SBDM.

Composition of the Woodrow SBDM Committee

  • School Personnel/Employees
  • Parents
  • Community Members
  • Business Representatives
  • Students (Where appropriate)

Roles and Responsibilities

The campus-level committee will support the administration and be involved in decisions in the areas of:

  • Planning
  • Budgeting Support
  • Curriculum
  • School Safety
  • School Organization
  • Staff Development and Support

If you are interested in becoming a member of a Site-Based Decision Making Committee please contact one of the SBDM officers.


100 S. Glasgow Dallas, TX 75214
(972) 502-4400

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