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5                   Sub-Committees

5.1             Sub-Committee Functions

The SBDM Committee will be aided by sub-committees whose general purpose will be to identify, study, and evaluate specific issues related to the [Unction and purpose of the SBDM Committee, to make recommendations for action to be taken by the Committee or the school administration, and to advise and provide relevant counsel to the Principal and the Chair. No sub-committee may act and no subcommittee is authorized to act on behalf of the SBDM Committee without prior achievement of consensus of the SBDM Committee.

Unless infeasible in a given circumstance, before the SBDM Committee acts on any matter of policy or any project, each such matter shall be referred to an appropriate sub-committee for analysis, discussion, and development of the sub-committee's action recommendation to the SBDM Committee as a whole. Any matter relevant to a given sub-committee may be raised the first time in any sub-committee meeting for discussion and eventual presentation 10 the SBDM Committee.

Such sub-committees shall perform the primary research and analysis of any particular subject studied by the sub-committee, Subjects for study by a given sub-committee shall be assigned by the Chair of the SBDM Committee or upon consensus of the SBDM Committee as a whole. Each sub-committee shall present findings and recommendations concerning the matters it evaluates before the SBDM Committee.

5.2             Sub-Committee Officers and Terms

Sub-committee chairs shall be members of the SBDM Committee and shall be elected to this position by a consensus of the SBDM Committee. They shall serve for a term of one year so long as they remain a member of the SBDM Committee.

5.3             Sub-Committee Members and Term

Members of a sub-committee shall be those staff, parent, and community volunteers who may be recruited by the chair of any sub-committee. They shall be so identified on the sub-committee roster. Sub-committee members need not be members of the SBDM Committee. Sub-committee members shall serve for terms of one (l) year.

5.4             Sub-Committee Meetings

Sub-committees shall meet monthly or as needed (and at such other more frequent intervals as the Chair of the SBDM Committee may request) and otherwise at the call of the sub-committee chair. An act of consensus of the sub-committee members present at a meeting shall be the act of the sub-committee.

5.5             Standing Sub-Committees

The following shall be the standing sub-committees of the SBDM Committee and their general areas of responsibility.

5.5.1       Evaluation and Modification Sub-Committee

The purpose of the Evaluation and Modification Sub-Committee is to assist with the development, review, and revision of the CIP and to advise the Principal in matters relating to State and Federal performance evaluation and accountability. The members of this subcommittee are the chairpersons of all other standing sub-committees, the officers of the SBDM Committee, and the Principal. The Vice-Chair of the SBDM Committee shall serve as Chair of this sub-committee.

5.5.2       Curriculum and Instructional Assessment Sub-Committee

The purpose of the Curriculum and Instructional Assessment Sub-Committee is to be involved in evaluations and decisions regarding the successful implementation of the District’s educational plans and programs. This sub-committee shall assist the administration and faculty in achieving a relevant, performance-based curriculum and prescriptions for academic improvement 011 the basis of student achievement data, and to work with the Staff and Parent Skills Development Sub-Committee on instructional initiatives.

5.5.3       Staff and Parent Skills Development Sub-Committee

The purpose of the Staff and Parent Skills Development Sub-Committee is to (a) review the Principal's staff development plan and make recommendations regarding such and (b)

                                        School             By-Laws

assist in the identification of informational subjects appropriate to parents of students in the school for purposes of newsletters, bulletins, and inclusion in district-sponsored parent academies and similar events. Members are expected to attend and participate in such parent academies and other similar events which are held with respect to the school. The sub-committee shall take into consideration the CIP, requests from staff, students and parents, and the evolving needs of the school and the student body.

5.5.4       Budget Sub-Committee

The purpose of the Budget Sub-Committee is to review, evaluate, and provide guidance to the Principal in the allocation of discretionary funds to appropriate areas of instructional support, as well as (a) to identify and seek district resources that are necessary and/or desirable to a full and effective implementation of the CIP and (b) to access and use all available monies such that the educational benefit to every student is maximized. This sub-committee shall be chaired by the school Principal and shall meet not less than twice during each school year.

5.5.5       Facilities and Safety Sub-Committee

The purposes of the Facilities and Safety Sub-Committee are (a) to oversee the care, maintenance, and development of the facilities of the school as a historical structure and as a functioning modern educational institution; (b) to monitor the campus regarding safety issues and 10 work with campus and district personnel to address such issues; and (c) 10 monitor, review, and provide comments to any bond personnel considering any bond referendum, any other capital spending, and related work at the school campus, including but not limited to attending meetings of, and healings conducted by, District program personnel.

5.5.6       Community Outreach and Advocacy Sub-Committee

The purposes of the Community Outreach and Advocacy Sub-Committee are (a) to develop and execute activities designed to engage feeder elementary schools in the proceedings and activities of Woodrow Wilson's SBDM Committee, and (b) to advocate on behalf of Woodrow Wilson High School at the feeder elementary schools, at J.L. Long Middle School, among the civic and business communities surrounding Woodrow Wilson High School, among Dallas ISD central administrators. and among the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees. Advocacy in this context shall include but not be limited to raising the profile of Woodrow Wilson High School in a beneficial manner and seeking to obtain, or prevent the reduction of, campus resources.

5.5.7       Ad Hoc Sub-Committees

The SBDM Committee may form ad hoc sub-committees from time to time as a given set of circumstances warrants or as the Superintendent of schools may direct.

6                   Disqualifications and Resignations

Any member that misses two (2) consecutive regular meetings of the SBDM Committee may be considered for removal by the SBDM Committee. provided that any such consideration is presented on a duly posted

meeting agenda. A majority vote of the member present at a regular meeting at which there is a consensus may remove any member meeting such criteria.

Any officer or sub-committee chairperson may be removed from office at any time, with or without cause. by a consensus of the SBDM Committee, provided that the consensus is reached at a regular meeting of the SBDM at which a quorum is present, and that the person considered removal is given notice of the time and place of the meeting at which the removal is considered at least ten (10) days before the meeting.

Any SBDM Committee member or officer may resign at anytime. Such resignations shall be presented in writing and shall become effective when received by either the Chair or the Scribe, unless otherwise specified. Sub-committee members may resign in the same manner, except that the resignation shall be given to the sub-committee chair. The acceptance of a resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective, unless expressly so provided in the resignation.

Any officer or sub-committee chair who ceases to be a member of the SBDM Committee any reason also shall cease to be an officer or sub-committee chairperson.

7          Vacancies

A vacancy in any officer position, either SBDM Committee or sub-committee, shall be filled by a consensus vote of the members of the SBDM Committee present at a regular meeting of the SBDM Committee, and the officer so elected shall hold office until the conclusion of the term of the vacancy being filled.

8           Notice and Waiver of Notice

Whenever any notice is required to be given to a member under provisions of these by-laws, such notice shall be deemed given when mailed to the member at the address as it appears on the roster of the SBDM Committee or when emailed to the member at the email address as it appears on the roster of the SBDM Committee. Such notice shall be effective on the third day following transmittal by mail, and immediately upon confirmation of receipt by email.

9          Contracts

No officer or member of the SBDM Committee, nor the SBDM Committee, may enter into any contract binding upon the SBDM Committee in the absence of both (a) the express prior consensus of the SBDM Committee and (b) the individual, written, approval of the Principal, given at a regular or duly called special meeting of the SBDM Committee and recorded in the minutes of the meeting. In no event may any such contract impose, or expose, upon any member of the SBDM Committee to personal liability.

The SBDM Committee shall not be a fund-raising organization, nor shall it possess funds. TQ the extent the SBDM Committee may undertake any initiative requiring funding, it shall collaborate with the PTA or other non-profit entity to manage any such funds.

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