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SUBJECT: IB News for November

Woodrow Wilson High School IB Program

November 14, 2022

Hello, IB Parents!

I hope you and your students have all settled well into the school year by now, and I would like to share some IB Diploma Programme updates with you.

First, I want to dispel a rumor that I’ve heard lately about the IB program going away at Woodrow. I went directly to Principal Barnett with this one and asked her if she can confidently tell me that is not the case. Her prompt response was, “Our IB Program is stronger than ever, and it is NOT going anywhere.” Additionally, I can confirm that DISD has paid (and is continuing to pay) for IB training for all our (new) IB teachers, counselors and assistant principals. This is an ongoing effort to get all our staff up to speed on the IB Diploma Programme and is happening both virtually (this Fall) and in person (in the Spring). If you or any parents you know have any questions or concerns, please reach out to:

Second, I’d like to explain our new position within Woodrow PTA as we have transitioned with Principal Barnett at the helm. To be a more unified campus, we (the IB Parent Organization) have agreed to now sit under the umbrella of the Woodrow PTA, and my role has become that of IB Parent Liaison on the PTA Board. All of Woodrow’s endorsements (IB, STEM, Business and CAPA) each have a teacher and parent representative who sit on the PTA board to help support their respective endorsements in a manner that is equitable and supportive to the school as a whole. We plan to support our IB students, as all endorsements plan to do, consistent with what has been done previously to celebrate milestones and achievements, and we appreciate your patience as we work through this transition. I encourage you to attend the Woodrow PTA meetings (open to all) which are held first Wednesdays of the month at 6 p.m. in the Woodrow Library to hear firsthand what we are doing for all endorsements.

Other IB Program updates:

  • Applications for the IB program opened on 11/1/22. Seats for the program will go first to Long and feeder pattern students and then to transfers. There are 120 seats available for incoming freshmen.
  • IB Seniors will meet with their Extended Essay advisors by 12/2/22 as they near their submission date.
  • IB exam registrations have been completed for this school year – seniors for all the subjects they need to complete the Diploma Programme courses, and juniors for ESS or their SL language tests. If parents have any questions regarding test registrations, please contact Ms. Rasgado (maochoa@dallasisd.org).

While our IB parent organization may look a little different this year, we will continue to lean on this community for support. We will be reaching out soon for ways you can help us, so please do! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions – jenadams1@gmail.com


Jen Adams
PTA IB Parent Liaison

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