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UIL Athletics Physicals

All students participating in athletics at Woodrow, must submit the UIL Athletics Physical Form


RankOne Registration Steps

Dallas ISD and the UIL require the parent/legal guardian to complete the electronic forms every year.
All forms will be submitted electronically except for the UIL - Pre-participation Physical and Medical History form which will be turned into your High School Campus Athletic Trainer or your Middle School Coordinator. All athletes in 7th – 12th grade must have an annual physical exam by a Doctor to participate in athletics, practices, or games.


The UIL - Pre-participation Physical evaluation – Medical History form may not be completed prior to May 1st of the previous school year.


No student athlete will be allowed to begin participating in athletics or after school workouts until all online forms and medical paperwork are on file with your High School Campus Athletic Trainer or your Middle School Coordinator.


Off-Campus Physical Education Credit

If you are taking a district-approved sport off-campus (i.e., rowing, skating, cycling, lacrosse, etc.), you must talk to your counselor and get approval/credit sign-off.  


Here is the link to the application you will need to complete.  You will need to scroll to pages 19-26.  

Please complete all sections and secure all necessary signatures (i.e. principal, counselor, off campus instructor) before taking the application to the District contact listed below. The office has re-located from the Nolan Estes building to the Buckner Building (address below).


Barbara Johnson
Health and Physical Education Department
2909 N. Buckner Blvd., 4th Floor
Dallas, TX  75228
(972)925-6790 – Main Line


Dallas ISD Athletics Insurance Policy

Please note the following changes to the reimbursement of some benefits for the Dallas ISD's Athletic Accident Insurance:




Day Surgery Miscellaneous:(Facility Charge)

$3,000 Maximum
MRI/Cat Scan: $600 Maximum
Room & Board: 100% Usual and Customary
Hospital Miscellaneous: 100% Usual and Customary
Surgery: 100% Usual and Customary
(Only one [1] procedure through the same incision allowed)  
Physician's Visits: 100% Usual and Customary
(Limited to one [1] visit per day and does not apply when related to surgery or Rehab)  
Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation: 100% Usual and Customary
Emergency Room: 100% Usual and Customary
(Use of Room and Supplies: Treatment must be rendered within 72 hours from time of injury)  
X-rays, Diagnostic Testing: 100% Usual and Customary
Lab: 100% Usual and Customary
Ambulance: 100% Usual and Customary
Orthopedic Braces and Appliances: 100% Usual and Customary
Dental: 100% Usual and Customary
Neurological Consultant: 100% Usual and Customary
Anesthetist: 35% Usual and Customary
Assistant Surgeon: 35% Usual and Customary
Eyeglasses, Contact Lens and Hearing Aids: 100% Usual and Customary
Prescriptions: 100% Usual and Customary
Home Health Care: 10 Visits / $50 per visit
Injections: $15 per visit up to $75 Maximum

All other benefit reimbursements remain unchanged.

No benefits will be paid for services not listed in the Schedule of Benefits, or for any service described in the Exclusions and Limitations portion of the policy.

DALLAS ISD ~ SCHEDULE OF BENEFITSACCIDENT ONLYMAXIMUM BENEFIT $25,000 For Each Injury104 Week Benefit Period, $100 Deductible, Full Excess

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